We Publish Fiction for a Sustainable World


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JPSFiction has been established as a meeting place for story-tellers and readers to share contemporary fiction that contains environmental themes.

Adding their voices to scientific reports, policies, reports, laws, declarations, and direct action campaigns are the stories of  our times. 

 Fiction in the Quest for a Sustainable Planet

In The Defence of Poetry (pub. 1840)  Percy Bysshe Shelley declared that “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.” This bold insight  extends to all authors of creative writing. When Shelley wrote that writers are : “not only beholding intensely the present as it is, and discovering those laws according to which present things ought to be ordered, but also beholding the future in the present,” he announced that writers have  a commitment to the future of our world. They are the leaders and revolutionaries who reveal the complexities and crises of our societies and explore visions for our future.

The greatest challenge facing all people, nations and cultures on Planet Earth through coming decades of the  21st century is to re-establish  Sustainable Conditions for the natural eco-systems that are essential to survival of humans and all life on Earth.

JPSFiction is a platform for authors to publish and sell  stories that build awareness and action for environment protection

JPS Fiction is a venue for readers to discover, read and purchase fiction relevant to the quest for a sustainable world.

JPS Fiction is a forum where Authors and Readers can exchange stories, and strengthen community cultures  for a sustainable future.

We will publish quality fiction that tells stories of people experiencing and battling effects of environmental crises;  challenging perpetrators of environmental destruction; making  lifestyles and communities for a sustainable world; stories of conflicts, dramas, tragedies and comedies as people, and other life-forms, engage with the eco-realities of our century.